Inspiration Reforming Small Bathroom Minimalist

Surely our day to day use the bathroom . However, how do we organize the bathroom minimalist to look clean and comfortable? we will discuss about arranging the small bathroom minimalist home Small Bathroom remodel .The bathroom is one of the major scope in a house . We can organize small bathrooms clean and certainly convenient to use at home minimalist .

Examples of Minimalist Bathroom Door

Reforming bathroom furnishings modern ranging from structuring closed sitting and bethup used for bathing. Put closed sitting beside or behind bethup. But it would be nice to sit closed given the distance from bethup. Or we can also use a curtain to draw the line between the closed sitting with bethup to shower. In order for the tiny bathroom minimalist look more comfortable we also have to maintain cleanliness, and also put other properties with neat as possible.

In order for the small bathroom minimalist home look more comfortable we can also provide properties such as air freshener bathroom, sink and shower. With a bathroom air freshener bathroom atmosphere will be more comfortable and fragrant. You also can put a sink in the room the bathroom to wash their hands and wash my face. And use the shower too small bathroom space to make it more complete and modern. You can also put the property other properties that you need.

We recommend that you use the bathroom floor that is more rugged, so the bathroom floor is not slippery minimalist small house. In general, most people prefer the floor with tile size, the smaller and more coarse textured. You can also add the carpet near the door. Do not forget the floor must be cleaned so as not crusty and look dirty.

Actually there are many models of doors bathroom made of wood, aluminum and glass. Of the many people prefer the bathroom door is made of glass and aluminum. because the door made of wood does not last long and quickly kropos. So the bathroom door made of wood not much in demand among the community. The color of the door should be adjusted to the color on the walls of the small bathroom minimalist house so that the bathroom will look more harmonious. You can come directly to the store door to choose a model room door shower according to your wishes.

Because the bathroom is one of the main places in a minimalist home use in everyday then arranging a bathroom very noteworthy. Besides maintaining the cleanliness of the bathrooms is also worth noting that the small bathroom is always comfortable to use. Hopefully after reading tips this article you get the inspiration to organize the small bathroom minimalist home is comfortable to use.

Cool Facts About Social Media darling If you are not Miss!

Cool facts about Social Media
How long since you plunge into the world of social media and still remember you when you first start using social media?

While megingat-remember the first moment you are currently using social media, in the era of 2006 to the back of one of the social media such as Friendster been booming in Indonesia society, especially the youth.

After that followed the social media giants Facebook and then Twitter, zhev network Pinterest looked promising, Instagram interest, Google+ etc.

Cool facts about Social Media

Currently, Snapchat is one of the social networking medium that can be aligned with other major social media are already old and no first from him.

Starting from a bunch of teenagers who took the photo and can be expired for a short time and can write down quotes, until finally emerging new features that make social media applications have become viral and people favored.

After long being around social media, may be new at this time we can understand its potential.

The reality is that the greater the social media marketplace. It’s become its own difficulties to find out what will work and what does not. As marketers, we need to keep trying until the results started to show.

Free social networking and apps, marketing tools and their inaccessibility little regulation has evolved into a major growth industry.

It became some major implications for businesses, users and the web. And fun facts about social media is constantly changing.

This article will take you to better understand the fun facts about social media pity if missed.

Let’s start.

How to Grow New Industry?
Each mature industry has historically common similarities. These include the following:

1. Consolidation
Fast-growing company with cash started buying beginner strategy that allows them to accelerate and dominate the industry without having to build their own.

Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion, WhatsApp for $ 19 billion and Occulus Rift virtual reality startup for $ 2 billion. Linkedin also buy LinkedIn Slideshare then Microsoft bought for $ 26, 2 billion.

Build your own company from scratch even when you have a lot of cash money will not always work.

Google failed as much as $ 550 million to enable Google+ as proof.

Then when it will end?

Will not. But do not expect that Microsoft bought Linkedin and will make it even better.

News Ltd bought MySpace and we know how it ends. With any luck, Microsoft will abandon LinkedIn run itself as it has done up to Instagram.

2. Land Grabs
Applications that have such tremendous focus Periscope with live video streaming is often known as a feature on a larger platform.

This does not mean they will do well because they often lack focus.

Because now “Facebook Live” has some real potential to slow Periscope.

3. Open to Closed
Tim WIU, a professor at Columbia University has some serious views on royal patterns of great information from the 20th century in his book ” The Master Switch – The Rise and fall of Information Empires “.

“Every great new media, from telephone to satellite television, has been on the same wave of idealistic optimism, before succumbing to the inevitable flow of industry consolidation. Every free and open technology, in time will be centralized and closed; as a power company that has taken control of the ‘master switch.’

All industry initially free and open slowly-restricted and will be controlled as well.

Not Want Flu Rainy Season? You Mandatory Eat It

The rainy season has arrived. This is where the flu virus fun partying. You do not want to lose, prepare yourself with … .Go to the supermarket! No, you did not misread. You go to the supermarket not to buy flu drug-free lining the supermarket shelves, but to choose food as a weapon when the flu virus began to attack.

” There are nutrients that can boost immunity, so we have to enter the type of food it to the list of food consumption we, ” explained Elsan M.Haas, MD ., author of Ultimate Immunity . When you start to feel like a zombie because of the flu, or simply feared attack flu virus, immediate consumption of foods that strengthen your immune system.

1. Shellfish deficiency of zinc may cause immune cells become less responsive as reported on a study of Molecular Nutrition & Food in 2015. To make sure you get enough zinc mineral deposits in the body, eat one of the types of shellfish are cooked or you can eat it in a raw state. Eating shellfish will meet the needs of your daily zinc. You do not like mussels? You can replace it with half a cup of wheat consumed at breakfast.

2. Edamame In sushi stall or in the supermarket, food small size gives a half-dose of omega fatty acids that can reduce inflammation and so help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and depression.

3. Onions white type spice it does cause a bad smell on the breath, but garlic can disinfect. Based on data published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, causing a strong smell of garlic called allium sativum contains antiviral and antibacterial.

4. Papaya fruit that grows in the tropics is able to stimulate antibodies and fight infection (from the content of vitamin A in it). Plus, in an animal study, researchers found papaya able to encourage the production of T cells that are able to control inflammation.

5. Shitake Mushrooms Eating mushrooms shitake once daily were able to reduce the level of proteins that cause inflammation and improve the function of gamma delta T cells that strengthen the immune system, such shown in studies at the University of Florida.

6. nuts Brazil Recommend a new star in canned mixed beans! Brazil nut has become one kind of food the highest levels of selenium, an antioxidant that is needed in almost all immune function according to information in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Eating a peanut and your task is complete, all that is required in a day are met.

Fight for glory in Gods of Rome: duel of gods


Gameloft is back with another of their addictive games, this time with the Gods of Rome, a fighting game with 3D graphics and enough care scenarios, that will transport us to the glorious Rome to witness impressive battles between gods of Olympus, and willing to help the gods ascended.

In Gods of Rome, the son of Hades intends to take over the control of Olympus and known worldwide, and will do so by brute force. He footballer Zeus will claim our helps to recover them souls of them gods corrupted by the power of Hades, and starting from that time us will embark in a spiral of fighting frantic in pos of the peace, so the well triumph on the wrong. So far everything sounds very nice and dramatic, so let’s see in more detail everything it offers the title of Gameloft.

Will begin fighting with Julio César, and quickly learn the mechanical of game of Gods of Rome. The screen is divided into two by an imaginary line, so we will need to use two hands to play. If you press once the right side of the screen, we will make a fast attack, while to hold down the right side of the screen for a few seconds, we will have a more powerful attack. On the other hand, if you hold down the left side of the screen, we’ll cover attacks enemies, and if we slide our finger to the left, move us metres to dodge attacks. In addition, attacking we will charge the super bar, which will culminate with a powerful attack.

What is extracted from all this is that the controls are certainly intuitive, our enemy will be located on the right side of the screen. The decision of opting to controls adapted to the mobile platform is undoubtedly successful, and Gods of Rome we find a game with combos easy to learn and difficult to master for a perfect game. He is appreciated greatly the exclusion of the virtual command, that just being difficult to handle, especially when playing in a small size mobile.

Apart from the combat system, in Gods of Rome find a game with a good variety of game modes, including a way history pretty extensive with a lot of scenarios where fighting, a mode of PvP in which we will face the best fighters of players connected in all parts of the world, and finally, a mode event where we will have daily challenges to earn rewards very interesting in order to improve the characters with those who play.

Precisely, the improvement of characters system is another of the strong points of Gods of Rome. We will start playing with Julio Cesar, but we get all kinds of fighters from different ranges using the system of spheres. Logically, the spheres provided by senior figures are quite more complicated to achieve, but we will have free areas in the temple every time, and the rest will get them with patience and playing. As we use the spheres, we will see how our team is full of heroes as powerful as Spartacus, Cyclops, Athena, or Atlas.

Gods of Rome is available for free for Android and iOS devices an please visit to learn more tips about this game, although it contains micro-payments within the application to get gems and other premium objects that accelerate the process of improvement of the characters, as well as get characters of higher rank. In any case, this type of micropayments not are strictly necessary to be able to play, and can get all them objects playing with regularity. If you like fighting games, Gods of Rome will enchant you, both for its variety of game modes, and its adapted controls, so do not hesitate to download it.

Download free Monument Valley in iOS with the App of the week

monument valley

As (almost) every week for some time, it becomes the weekend and with him we have available a new offer of free application with the App of the week. In this occasion, have available one of those games indispensable in our phones mobile and/or tablets of which already I have spoken on several occasions; Monument Valley. The initiative has already offered us a striking as Rayman Festival Run or Infinity Blade III titles, but we have to recognize that this week has exceeded more than by offering an impressive game, which has managed to catch thousands of users.

In this title of the company ustwo find a game with a design art frankly beautiful, that captive to simple view. We must guide the Princess Ida through impossible scenarios in 3D that play with perspective, and make us stop to think how to solve the puzzles that offers. To get the Princess to advance, we will have to go manipulating the scenario in an intuitive manner to find the optical illusion that prevents us from moving forward from that perspective, doing what a priori seemed impossible, becomes possible.

Monument Valley is available for iOS devices free of charge until next Thursday, and sees its reduced price of 3.99 euros to big fat zero thanks to the App of the week. The title of a ustwo “Vanilla” version only has 10 levels, although a content update called Forgotten Shores has available. That Yes, this week we can make with the base game for free, but the downloadable content is priced at 1.99 euros, something that at the time upset players who paid the 3.99 euros which was the original title, since they hoped to receive that extra content for free, visit to get your stuff.

Either way, Monument Valley is one of the great jewels in terms of games for mobile devices and tablets, so downloading is strongly recommended.

Social, what’s new in Tinder to find a group to go out and party


If you do not know what is Tinder is that you live under a rock. Tinder is that famous application for linking and find a quote without need of out of your House; only by sliding to left and right as if it were a game. So far, it only served to try to find a partner, but it seems that they want to go further. Is by that that becomes Tinder Social, a new functionality of Tinder that wants to help you to find friends to make plans.

With this new feature, Social Tinder to that you think a group of people whose tastes are similar to do things in their free time. That group will join the people who are interested, and you can increase the size of the same. The application was launched in Australia at first, where it seems to be that you had very good acceptance among users, and now expands to the world.

If we leave, we only have to invite friends to join the group, and then slide to the right to try to make a Match with other groups near us who are also thinking about leaving or make a plan similar to ours. To those races we can talk to them by message to know them better, to know what they are going to do… and who knows? Maybe a simple application you can get to a beautiful friendship that lasts years.

As I said before, function is beginning to expand to the whole world, but at the moment is being a staggered release. After Australia the turn comes to United States, United Kingdom and a few more countries, but it is not known when it will arrive to Spain. How much have all the information we will make it you get, and certainly will not lack having two installed applications, since Social Tinder will be integrated into Tinder, so this new feature will come in the form of a normal update.

What you think Social? Do you think that the dating app can focus on friendship?

Know More About Type Faucet

In everyday life, the tap water is one thing that is often used, particularly in the household. Often used to tap water treatment sometimes even forgotten.

There are so many kinds of faucet water. But the outline of tap water are grouped into four types, namely water faucet Ball, CARTRIDE water faucets, faucet taps Air Compression and ceramics.

1.Kran water type ball

Kran ball is widely used in Sinik and have a single handle that controls hand held bidet the special plastic or metal ball that is in the body of the faucet. That is why the tap is called ball valves, ball terbut has spaces in it as well as various supporting elements such as rubber and others, so that this type of faucet leak more easily than the other faucets.

2.Kran water type Cartridge

This type of work using the faucet cartridge, Cartridge faucets using a method that is not much different from the faucet ball. Cartridge faucets difference to tap the ball is out of the way regulation works. In ball valves to regulate the discharge of water that is by being driven to the left or to the right, while the Cartridge faucets to be moved up or down as well as to regulate the temperature of the water is moved to the left or right.

3.Kran water type Compression

Water faucet compression used since the beginning of modern housing. For terms of price, compression faucet is the most expensive faucets, and also the most vulnerable to leaks and require more maintenance.

4.Kran type of Disc Ceramic

Ceramic Disc faucet faucet is the latest development in modern faucet technology. Chiri typical of this ceramic disc faucets are single lever with a wide cylindrical body. This faucet can mix hot and cold water in the room called the pressure balance cartridge.

Two ceramic discs in the bottom of the room can be raised and lowered and can also function as volume controls water flow. This faucet is labeled as the faucet is very reliable and does not require frequent maintenance.

The interior is minimalist elegance of Modani

To get an impression and interior design with maximum quality, the selection of the design and materials used indoors is a major factor. Materials, quality, and pattern or style that suits the style of the design will create harmony in composition between elements in an interior design. As on this occasion as the team minimalist design house will give you an example design using materials that is good. Like what interior design is minimalist and elegant indeed objective depends on the person who saw it, okay let us consider together the interior minimalist elegance of Modani follows.

The interior is minimalist elegance of Modani
Modani is a company that produces materials for both interior design and produce a variety of furniture with a modern and minimalist design style. Modani at the moment only has outlets in the United States, but in its development, we will not know probably will serve peseanan from around the world for the future.1 Interior living room2 Interior of modern living room

For example, the two images above are the result of an interior apartment with a minimalist and elegant concept that uses materials and furniture from the company’s country of origin of Uncle Sham. Although the shape is simple and minimalistic, yet its beauty lies in the composition of the selection accuracy and quality of the material that is super. Harmony looks of harmonious relationship between interior elements in this room.3 bedroom interiors minimalist4 classically elegant master bedroom
The next two examples of a design master bedroom which looks elegant with trying to combine classic design with modern design. Presumably so many articles of our team, hopefully what we wrote could benefit of magnitude.

How Coolest Kicking Across PES 2013

Perhaps many of us when kicking a ball in PES 2013 often do not lead or no goal. Mobile strike hack the shots that do not lead to too karen skiill insufficient players, shooters shoot low under 80, then shot her in shambles form.

In fact, there is also a shot on goal but his shot bounced up or trap is just right of the goal, but the kick or power weak.It is so wasteful and so is useless, because only result in Goal Kick, open, True Goooooll her. The best way to do a goal and certainly not redundant is to kick shot along the hard bottom .How Coolest Kicking Across PES 2013 [NEW]

Why why down hard? as goalkeeper in pes 2013 are very easy on the ndleser burst kick. Accuracy Shoot this kick can be 95% gool and successful and certainly not worth – nothing. But it is not as easy as you think about How To Kick Horizontal PES 2013 , because the trick is to have a way that I have made simple possible, so I love the sign NEW .. hehe , This trick I will discuss this time, the trick is so easy when you want to look this way and certainly want to practice, in order to kick perfectly and make you more amazed your friends.

How to Kick Horizontal PES 2013

  1. You try to find players who seek his rating above 80, because if want to shoot it hard to be above 80. Examples of Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo and friends – friends.
  2. Then try until the boundary line goalie area, do not forget to try there is no opponent facing, alias unattended.
  3. Then when the shot hit the box until almost full, and the same time R1 and press X. Do not even once you press the L1, as later his shots could soar.
  4. Okay, I already explained right. The latter is simple really, you just need to practice regularly to enhance this trick.
Well, I have to share tricks How Coolest Kicking Across PES 2013 [NEW] this. Just that you have to practice constantly. Exercise keeps your opponent and create amazed admiration. If there who do not understand please comentar below. That is all and thank you.

Benefits of Dates and nutritional content

Dates are the fruit that comes from the middle east and including into the palm tree.Area has a palm tree 15-25 m high with fruit produced will generally have a length of 3-7 cm and 2-3 cm in diameter with a single seed. Date palm fruit is divided into three main groups namely the group of soft, semi-arid and dry. Fruit that previously predicted from the Persian Gulf has a variety of benefits with vitamins and minerals is high.
Benefits of Dates
Dates contain many nutrients such as thiamin, niacin, folate, riboflavin and no wonder when the fruit has many benefits. The fruit is consumed by the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones such as oxytocin. Hormones that can help to stimulate the contraction of smooth muscle in the jaw when approaching childbirth. Dates can also help to reduce bleeding during childbirth. At the time of post-birth, date palm juice from the fruit can help to stabilize her condition and return nutrients.
Dates are not just consumed immediately to obtain a boondoggle but also to obtain water soaking nabeez. Water was soaking water from dates or raisins along overnight (8-12 hours) using a sealed container which is in the contents of cooking water and drink the next day. This water can last up to 1-2 days when stored in the refrigerator. Boondoggle that could help to dispose of risky substances in the body, helping to restore the digestive system, and dispose of the acid in the stomach excellence.
Not just the fruit, but also has the benefits of palm seeds. The steps that by leaving it until the last Kring roasted and crushed into the form as well as coffee beans ready to be brewed. In 100 grams of protein date stones there by 5, 2%, fat 9, 32%, fiber 13, 6%, a yellow-green oil by 8%. Of refined palm seeds that can be used as a scrub by mixing them with olive oil and honey. For the problem of baldness, you can give a date seed powder with olive oil and smeared-dab into the head.

Thoughts to make a super interesting wedding


Yes, consent to desert the stilted and grave conventions: set your inventiveness to work for the day of your wedding is an extraordinary event for you and your life partner, as well as for all who take an interest in this incredible festival of affection.

Very little is required for this: you propose to do things any other way for your wedding think outside the box and be the best impression of your romantic tale way.

Get inventive and consider the solicitations as a little token of your accomplice.

Initial step: Invitations

Make your wedding to be not the same as the begin. Get inventive and consider the solicitations as a little token of your accomplice. Where they met, what they do and what their interests are inquiries that can lead you to a fun thought to take a one of a kind way.

Envision welcoming all go with a postcard, spread one of your most loved collections or maybe with a great motion picture blurb, which can work exceptionally well as investment for the enormous day.

Arrangements for the festival

Passing the entryway to your wedding, welcome every visitor with a little sack of endowments. Little points of interest make everybody feel part of the service.

You can incorporate tissues for which, sachets with destroyed paper, canvas shoes or other agreeable shoes are energized for anybody quit moving, shades if the function is day and defenders for tacos on the off chance that it is outside in the field. The potential outcomes are unfathomable and all taste.

Set the table for youngsters so that they too have fun.

A good time for minimal ones

Set the table for youngsters so that they too have a great time and take home the best recollections of this day.

Notwithstanding leasing a mechanical or baseball player diversion, you can likewise put on your table fabrics for painting and an arrangement of colored pencils with secured each and every coffee shop. It incorporates vessels and sorbets with drawings and hues. You can likewise outline and print a shading book, unique on your wedding.

All the best

Rather than having a book marking, give your visitors a superior and more fun experience. Arma a video or photograph corner, where everybody can leave a picture or grouping with all the best and guidance for remarriage.

Different variations for the visitor book can be: request that everybody sign on a bit of Jenga, along these lines you will run home with a round of table with customized messages of affection from all your friends and family. You can likewise request that everybody take your wedding a heart (of any shape or material) with a message for the couple. At that point, on a tree, table or corner it will frame a substantial corner of fondness in which every leave their messages for the couple.

Customized glasses on the bar

Get glasses long savor a bazaar, purchase glass paint and Dedicate every visitor his own particular vessel. Touching base at the bar, the barkeep will serve every visitor his beverage in a glass with his name. So no one will be befuddled and drink all run home with a charming and entertaining recollections of your wedding.

Anybody quit moving

Notwithstanding approaching your DJ the best melodies for the service (and gathering), welcomes everybody to pick the music they need to listen. Put a rundown on the table section or conveyance cards “exceptional requests” for everybody to pick the themes you need to move.

Compose move recreations is a smart thought to be fun bunch. Among gatherings of men and ladies can do recreations like a game of seat juggling or mastermind two columns where as the music plays, every visitor go from hand to hand a thing, (for example, branch or association), when the music it stops all of a sudden, the visitors with the bunch or the group close by moving together ought not be precluded.

You can likewise allot a number from 1 to 5 to every seat or table and request that the DJ pick an arbitrary number for visitors with that number are introduced on track to take an interest in a gathering move. The triumphant gathering will be picked by the couple.

Intelligent sweet table

Try not to let all served on a platter. Give your visitors a fun sweet table that permits them to pick and serve for themselves what they like or call their consideration. Remember the own name of your wedding. It has a sweet (or salty) table with your most loved nourishments and your beau: be it frozen yogurt, flapjacks, cupcakes, sausage and popcorn.

Another super unique thought is to request that your visitors bring their own particular cake to partake in an opposition of cakes. Every vote your most loved and the most votes will take a prize.

Adorn to the bathrooms

Try not to leave any free corner points of interest: parlor and bathrooms ought to go unnoticed. You can utilize photographs from your adolescence and your sweetheart ways to separate amongst men and ladies. Alternately even wear the same table enhancements at the entryway of every lavatory.

Appropriate for pets

In the event that you are one of those individuals who can not be isolated from your best textured companion, what better to do a festival that incorporates it. To do this, you should ensure that the spot where you make the gathering has a few compartments where every visitor can leave your pet there, at any rate for some time, on the off chance that she feels anxious. It is best to pick a range with grass so that the creatures can run and obtains that no uproarious clamors far firecrackers.

In the event that you need to go above and beyond, you can even have a division with treats for pooches and felines.

Unique blessings: Several alternatives

Blenders, clothes washers, TVs. In the event that you truly expect different endowments, send an email list so that everybody can give you what you truly need. There are a few Web destinations where you can record records blessings of any sort.

You can likewise request that your visitors work together on an aggregate subsidizing. You can obtain cash for your special night or make gifts to various philanthropies. An extremely unique thought is to ask every visitor amuse you a book, a collection or film to prescribe, along these lines you will wind up with another library, a dance club and a media library to appreciate.

End of mindful gathering

You can ensure your visitors return securely to their homes leasing a vehicle to transport them. All welcome this motion, particularly assigned drivers.

Realizing that the end of the gathering a combi transport or take them to their homes, your visitors will appreciate more opportunity gathering (and the bar), and they won’t have issues to go. The smaller scale wedding is the ideal conclusion for a unique, imaginative and fun party.