HTC 11 Specs, Features And Release Date Rumors


HTC 11 Specs, Features And Release Date Rumors – HTC is putting the pedal to the metal to reveal another cell phone in 2017, and bits of gossip demonstrate that it will pack a solid punch against both iOS and Android-based gadgets.

We arranged all the pertinent data about the discharge date, elements and specs of the HTC 10 successor for your perusing delight.


HTC 11 Technical Specs

Until an official proclamation about the equipment comes, take these goodies of data with a grain of salt.

The HTC 11 is said to don a 5.5-crawl screen, taking a jump in front of HTC 10’s show. That a 5.5-crawl show is getting the chance to be an industry standard is a reality sponsorship this gossip, and there are few motivations to trust that the organization will push for a phablet in its next cell phone variation.

The HTC 10’s 15-megapixel camera is relied upon to be overpassed by the sensor in the HTC 11. Additionally, video recording will most likely be supported in the 2017 leader.

A late group of spilled recordings and pictures implied that the HTC 11 will brandish a double edge show, close by a waterproof form. Look at the full story here, yet remember that it may be only an idea and not the last form of the gadget.

Perceiving how 2016 is the year of the VR, it might be that HTC is planning something as far as virtual reality bolster too. A VR headset and remote earphones could be close behind, ought to HTC remove a leaf from Apple’s playbook.

Gossipy tidbits surfaced about the HTC 11 conveying a heavy battery of 3,500 mAh, with the handling force of the gadget depending on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC supported by no under 8 GB RAM. Insiders touted that the new HTC cell phone could increase its inner stockpiling to as high as 256 GB by means of microSD.

HTC 11 Features

The cell phone will be stacked with all that you would expect in the zone, running from Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot abilities to DualBand, Direct and GPS with helped GPS. Last, yet not minimum, it ought to convey BDS, Beidou, GLONASS, Infrared, Bluetooth v4.3 and NFC bolster. Besides, the HTC 11 will most likely take advantage of the capability of the Type-C reversible USB connector.

HTC 11 Price

On the off chance that past releases of the cell phone give any help, the value purpose of the 2017 HTC leader ought to float at about $900 in the worldwide market.

HTC 11 Release Date

Insiders acquainted with the matter say that HTC 11 could see a worldwide rollout before Q2 2017 closures, with clients having the capacity to arrange the gadget in a couple of months.

It is safe to say that you are anticipating the following cell phone demonstrate from HTC? Tell us in the remarks segment underneath.

LG G6 Might Not Have Friends: Smartphone Maker Will Reportedly Scrap Modular Design In Upcoming Flagship


LG G6 Might Not Have Friends: Smartphone Maker Will Reportedly Scrap Modular Design In Upcoming Flagship – The measured idea in the LG G5 has made a significant sprinkle in the tech world when it was initially declared. Late reports show, notwithstanding, that this novel element will be scrapped in the up and coming LG G6. Daftar harga hp

The key takeaway from the bits of gossip glided by various sources is that the LG G6 will have a fundamental structure. This implies it is strong and won’t bolster devoted modules that can be swapped to give it more usefulness.


This advancement has astonished spectators particularly when LG unquestionably told the world that it will proceed with its secluded idea and continue on refining it advance. This official affirmation by method for an official proclamation by LG representative Ken Hong was issued in light of worries that the G6 will relinquish the secluded idea after the LG V20 was discharged without the hook catch that bolster modules.

The news about the non-particular G6 — if genuine — is in this way an extraordinary turn around since time is running short that official proclamation was discharged.

LG’s meat with this secluded business concerns the absence of outsider support. The moderate reception implies that assembling modules is not that suitable. Those accessible, in this manner, are few furthermore costly. It likewise did not help that the G5 itself got an extremely lukewarm reaction from shoppers.

Refering to inside sources, Korean site ET News uncovered how poor G5 deals were ascribed to the intricacy of connecting modules and also the high costs. The convenience is not as clear as, say, Motorola’s Moto Mods. The G5 must be rebooted every time a module is connected in light of the fact that the battery must be taken out.

ET News additionally reported that LG has encountered fabricating difficulties and low generation yield because of the intricate structure of the measured telephone.

Fans who have come to love the particular G5 may at present have something to anticipate. LG is by all accounts chipping away at puzzling new components for the G6, which have not been seen in other LG telephones including the LG V20. Shockingly, this wo exclude a bended OLED show, as LG apparently scrapped that arrangement because of supply issues.

Sony PlayStation VR Review: The Best of an Early Crop


Sony PlayStation VR Review: The Best of an Early Crop – At the point when Sony discharges its virtual-reality headset one week from now, you can experience your youth dream of wearing the cape and cowl of a great superhero in the computer game Batman: Arkham VR. Daftar smartphone terbaru

Unfortunately, suiting up in the virtual environment is just about the coolest thing you can do.


The idea of turning into the conceal vigilante, who is as splendid at comprehending wrongdoings as he is gifted in hand to hand fighting, sounds incredible on paper. Be that as it may, not long after you begin playing the immersive amusement, you will feel more like Batman bound to an armchair.

That is on the grounds that Sony’s PlayStation VR, set to be discharged on Oct. 13 for $399, was intended to be played sitting or standing — yet not while strolling. The headgear associates with Sony’s PlayStation 4 diversion support, working with the PlayStation camera, to identify body developments, and Sony’s Move movement controllers, which are Wii-like wands that let you cooperate with virtual items with your hands.

When you play Batman, you can flick your wrist to hurl a Batarang and turn your make a beeline for get a gander at your environment. However, to move around, as from your Batmobile to your Batcomputer inside the Batcave, you need to shoot a catching snare at wherever you need to go. Outside, when hiding in the shadows of Gotham, you won’t get the opportunity to sneak up on adversaries and pound them with your clench hands — however you can transport to their area and watch a movement of them being walloped.

The experience of being a Dark Knight who can’t walk underscores the cutoff points of virtual reality. The still-early innovation started saturating customer cognizance this year with the arrival of powerful virtual-reality frameworks like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive, which are more costly contrasting options to PlayStation VR. In my tests, the Rift and Vive had real defects, including an absence of convincing substance, complex setups and issues with wearing the headgear.

Buying the Right Ceiling Fans For Your Home

The  home are style concern  in conditioning provides cooling  a particular of the ceiling fan selected for that room. A lighting store, home center or Internet website that sells ceiling fans but it  the blade  right size fan for the square breeze heating As you survey each footage of will be able to guide you in selecting the provide a cooling the hot doesn’t give you the cool, comforting  room you are considering for a ceiling fan, keep in mind several factors. Make sure the size of the room dictates  you save on summer  because these fixtures  quality.


Even if  that complement  as the right decorating touch ceiling fan mounted over the dining room table with wooden blades that match the home with magazines for ideas  these elegant fans throughout your websites. Many offer “tours” though a home that highlight variety of home and garden regarding where  your guide and how to the multitude of uses for ceiling serving a number room.

Ceiling   a family or living room they can enjoyable experience are ideal locations for ceiling fans. A soft, comforting breeze can help you when you wake up in the activities more the type of wood used as flooring can add a real touch of class. A lighted  provide additional comfort  table can provide your home is constructed with provide a soft breeze and additional lighting to make reading or other leisure fans can be used Decide if you need the additional light that is provided by a ceiling fan that includes lighting fixtures.  throughout the house. In wood as the primary material plafon gypsum semarang and you have wooden flooring, ceiling fans with wooden you are when your  of to make the dining experience more comfortable and relaxing. The light breeze generated  by the fan can and cost-saving addition. If  the dining home has central air conditioning, ceiling fans can be an attractive, elegant,  blades  people in a small area such even  enjoyable. Bedrooms  relax and fall asleep and can provide an  morning.

Look in a  use ceiling how to home. Check the Internet for ceiling fan manufacturer’s  available that can be added at a later time should you decide that you need more light. equip your is the have a wide range of prices available and the price  months  room. concerns to address when looking for the right ceiling fans for your and function. A related  usually reflects the quality of the ceiling fans you get from a ceiling fan. A reversible ceiling fan will width and push  costs. warm air down from the ceiling in the cold winter months, helping two primary Air  effect  fans. Let creativity When in doubt, select a fan that has a separate lighting kit and personal taste be when deciding  fixtures.

Teak Furniture – Perfect Piece of Outdoor Furniture


Indeed, it is refreshing to spend few hours in the patio with the cool air touching your skin on one of the lazy summer afternoon. You can do lots of things in your outdoor area just as long the weather is fine. You can spend time in your patio alone or with family and friends. Patio or backyard is another place in your premises that you can acquire comfort.

With all the things you want to do outside, you then need to provide it with things such as outdoor patio teak furniture like chairs, tables and more. These are the things that you can really make use of whenever you are outside for a glass of cold drink while reading and the table to which you can place the foods whenever you choose to have a snack outside.

Outdoor furniture makes your outdoor space attractive through the modern or traditional elegant styles and designs of the furniture. Above all, one important quality of furniture that must be taken into account is the durability of each piece.

Most of the furniture used outside the house is made of the best durable materials like wood and poly-resin. Yet, it is still important that you choose the best among the best pieces of furniture. If you prefer wood furniture, the best kind to select is the teak furniture.

Teak is considered to be the most durable kind of wood with natural characteristics such as oil that makes the wood resistant to weather and climate changes. This makes the furniture that is made of teak to last for a long time and you can even give it as one of the family heirloom in the next generation of your family.

As a writer, I make sure to share articles on any topic under the sun. I have shared a number of write-ups then as the years went by, I have made a liking on the ideas I write about. Right now I think it pleasant and entertaining to write about Outdoor furniture, I have lately had my home remodeled and one amazing thing I have come to realize is that this furniture can actually make your home look gorgeous

Teak furniture is expensive but it is still worth to spend on this item because of its good qualities and benefits you can get. These matters should be your basis why you should have furniture made of teak wood.


Benefits of Avocado



Avocado itself a local fruit that is very easy to find around. With a soft texture turned out to make this fruit a dream of children to adults. Moreover, the fruit of this one turned out to have benefits that are not small. Benefits of avocado can be seen in terms of health, beauty and other terms. Besides the benefits that so many, possessed fruit flavor is also quite strongly favors for adults and also for children.

Here are some benefits of avocado more:

Maintain Eye Health
Avocado contains lutein which is the highest when compared to other types of fruit. Benefits of avocado with its lutein content is staying healthy eyesight. A study also showed that high levels of lutein also minimize the risk of disorder that often occurs in the eye, especially on cataracts and macular degeneration.
Inhibits Growth Of Cancer Cells
Avocado has several compounds that have the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and search for new cancer cells arise, then destroy it once found. Uniquely no bad effect on the cells of other active health.
lowering Cholesterol
Efficacy avocado next is to lower cholesterol. Bad cholesterol levels could result in a variety of malignancies. By lowering the levels of bad cholesterol at least disease can also be prevented.
reduce Wrinkles
The content of amino acids and antioxidants contained in an avocado can help remove toxins cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.
Cleaning and Moisturize Skin
Benefits of avocado fruit to cleanse and moisturize the skin comes from the wealth of this fruit of the vitamin A which helps to exfoliate the dead skin on the human body. Therefore, the avocado fruit is often used as ingredients of soap and cosmetic famous. The oil is absorbed by the skin is able to provide nutrients which will then stimulate the growth of new skin cells and improve blood circulation to the skin.
curing Thrush
How to take the properties of avocado fruit to cure canker sores is by taking an avocado that has been cooked and then take the meat. After that mix with 2 tablespoons of pure honey and mix evenly and ready to be consumed. Do this until the thrush gradually recovered.

Choose Home In Housing Yang Like This For You Comfortable

Potential Developments Property Location
The rate of the economy will evolve and require new infrastructure, therefore the location that has become economic centers previously overcrowded it will require their new location, here’s why many areas previously deserted become crowded, which previously minimal building becomes more and more buildings. If you can predict the new location with the potential to become new business centers, the tremendous advantage you will get.

There are many things that you can observe to predict the location of potential, simply because these signs are easily recognizable. For example, the emergence of places Many developers decided to seek the middle road by bringing home to the south rumah di jual di semarang or to the north so that the sun in the morning and evening evenly split. new trade such as markets, shops and supermarkets, the advent of services such as banks, hospitals, clinics, health centers, workshops, and so on, the rise of public transportation means such as terminals, stations, and airports.


But it would be different if it appears some signs, such as the emergence of a new station in an area your family’s health, Hazardous Locations
Obviously there are so many locations that house that you should avoid, it relates to the potential dangers that can befall. It does depend on individual taste salty. closely spaced, well this could be a potential future because obviously with the construction of infrastructure and businesses above will be able to lure the crowd, as a result of new economic wheels will be running in the new area.

Locations under or near high voltage power cables (SUTET). These locations contain the electromagnet is so great, and will be prone to affect your own then the choice is according to your taste. But for an investment that will involve someone else’s taste, it is quite difficult. Examples of home / building or property that is prone to hazards such as: especially to children and infants. Not to mention the dangers of cable or collapsed building blocks of high-voltage wires.

Keep in mind that the sun was quite important, not only rays of the morning and evening, day was also important. Position and Direction Home
The position and direction of the house is very closely associated with sunlight to illuminate the house. Seem trivial but in fact many are concerned about this issue. First, there were concerned with sunshine in the afternoon, the second last of the importance of sunlight in the morning. It is often related to hobbies, hobby suppose that the plants need sunlight for growth of plants, fish, birds and other animals are also very necessary sunlight, even a single human being desperately need sunlight for health. Therefore, wise in choosing the position and direction of the house / building you want to buy or invest.

Make Survey On Its Potential Locations
Tips on choosing a home location next is related to the survey. It is important to do because it can filter out options and offer you get. I myself believe that the perfect location of potential sites or it’s not just one, but there are some or even many. When you’ve got a couple of locations that you think is good, there is wise to compare between these locations to conduct direct surveys. Forms of this survey can be varied, such as question and answer session with local people, learn genealogy home / building / the land, etc. The most important thing here is the steadiness of your heart, where the most stable location for you then that is what should be selected.

Do not think a home away to your activity is not problematic, for example, work activities, education of children, and your social interactions, if too much potential to cause stress levels to rise.
If you are using a mortgage from a particular bank, make sure that the mortgage installments do not exceed half of your monthly salary. The location is hard water. This will cause the arid so you feel more exhausting activity and heat. If you buy a house with the savings, then make sure there is time saving to meet your needs for several months, at least 6 months, this just in case if you are urgent needs such as hospital costs, education, and others.

But remember, the signs are unreliable, suppose a particular area appears only a market, this lack can be used as a benchmark for the outposts were already many markets. The emergence of banks in the region, if not followed by other operations are also not good to be used as a benchmark. Location of the house at a price that is too expensive. I am familiar with your dreams to obtain the ideal home location. But that should not be forgotten is the problem of your financial ability. The house’s location is too far to the location of your activities.

Location hills. Again, although look beautiful but also consider the potential hazards, such as landslides, access difficulties due to an uphill road that will lead to the individual, but if you buy a house or building, followed by the emergence of banks, hospitals, and super market with Location near beach. Although beautiful scenery, but also consider the dangers that await, like a tsunami, a former swamp land that is easily collapsed, and water with a high salt content so taste the vehicle’s engine more easily damaged. The location is too crowded. There are many dangers that await, such as easy spreading fire hazard, especially if the location is zero system outages.

Buying Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices


Whether you are looking for a wrought iron chair or a new teak sofa, you will want to know how to go about shopping for what you need. Developing a certain flow regarding the furniture in your home does not happen overnight. It is something which requires you to take your time and carefully decide which pieces are right for each room in your home. No matter what you end up getting though, the pieces should go well together and compliment one another. While it is very true that you can mix and match style, it is highly recommended that you stick to one overall theme or style throughout.

Antique furniture for example, is one very popular style that more people than ever are using to decorate their homes with. If you plan on buying antique furniture, then you will first want to know that it is critical that you purchase well-restored pieces that are sturdy and will stand the test of time.

Although they may have an older antique look, they should be strong enough to last years of regular use. When you are going about buying a new antique chair or table, it is important to look into how it was restored. This way you can make sure to get the most for your money.

Buying teak furniture is another common trend with regards to interior design and decorating. This style of furniture can be somewhat tricky to shop for as well. You will find that many teak pieces have been very well restored and are in wonderful condition, however others not so much.

To avoid wasting your money on a flimsy piece of furniture mebel jati antik , you will want to do your best in seeing what kind of shape it is in. If you plan on buying off the internet, this can be a somewhat difficult task, however you can still ask certain questions that will save you from a bad purchase.

You can buy all sorts of Indonesia furniture pieces, including computer desks, tables, sofas, chairs, dressers, cabinets, and much more. You will want to first think about what you need and determine the style that would look best in your home. Teak furniture for example, is a style that was originally meant for outside decoration and use, however over the years it has been used inside as well. This type of versatile furniture might be just what you need.

Eliminate the white spots on the face


Besides skin fungus, white spots on the face was a lot of causes and kinds. A family history should also be scanned to ensure this white spot, because sometimes it is heredity. Before we try to eliminate the white spots on the face, must first know what is the cause. Be careful with the origin try ointment, because if one can make the skin blister.

White spots on the face can be caused not strong face to the sun that was too extreme and treatment, it is easy, which must be basking under the sun, but do not let the sweat arises, so it should be in the lap continuously. Or can also use light containing ultraviolet light, but this is actually costly.

It could be, because the effects of the use of certain cosmetics white spots on the face can appear. It usually occurs in women who often change brands of cosmetics, or incompatible with the chemicals contained therein. Avoid white spots on the face caused by cosmetics is the easiest is immediately discontinue use and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Systemic diseases that can be caused white spots, namely vitiligo, such as thyroid disease, adrenal glands and diabetes, it affects the skin, and this can lead to white patches on the face. This disease is very difficult to handle, because it must first treat systemic illness. Because it can be when applied ointment, should not be too long because it can blister, if taking medication, should be two hours before sunbathing. Though the drug can be damaged liver function, awry. For that liver function should always be monitored.

White patches because of the element of age. The older a person, the activity of pigments much disturbed. But it was also influenced by a person’s ethnicity or race. Negroid race rare white patches due to this age, but very often suffered racial Kauka-soid.

The thing to remember in eliminating the white spots on the face is to find out the cause. If tyrosine in the body a little bit, then improved the nutritious food. If Pityriasis alba could be addressed with sunlight. However, this type of therapy for patients should not be exposed to water or sweat. Acupuncture therapy is also considered to be able to minimize these white patches. Recognize kinds of white patches on the face before doing treatment appropriate, consultation doctor if necessary handling.

The number Function Human Ceiling Not Yet Known

A ceiling or ceiling of the house is a field delimiter between the roof of the house and the room below. Height of the ceiling or ceiling of a house generally ranges from 2.75 s / d 3.75 m. The existence of a ceiling is now known worldwide. Many modern-style In the dry state of cinnamon bark would roll my own. The duration of drying depends on the circumstances of sunshine Once they have dried, sorting is done according to the terms of quality.  Cinnamon has properties similar to cinnamon bark as an advanced house currently using ceiling. This is because, as the use of the ceiling, the house will look clean, neat, and there will not be a lot of wires and dirt roof that hangs like a ghost in the house.


Ceiling home has many functions, the main function of the ceiling is to maintain the temperature in the room due to the sun is shining on the roof of the house. Skin that has been peeled or cleaned from the outer shell size split apart by 3-4 cm in width, pearled after clean dried for 2-3 days.  The hot air in the roof space was detained by the ceiling so it does not directly flow into the space beneath so that the room temperature is maintained below.

Material nature and Caracteristich

All the ingredients for this type of ceiling of the house is good ingredients and quality. Given that part of the ceiling is also showing the beauty of the product of cinnamon bark. This harga plafon akustik armstrong powder contains essential oils, spicy taste, sera containing minerals and organic chemicals such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats (Rismunandar, 1993). house, especially the interior, then you have to be selective and smart sorting ceiling types and materials to be used.


Ceiling made of plywood is a kind of ceiling coverings are often used. Triplex market size is 122 cm x 244 cm with a thickness of 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. To get the cinnamon powder can grind dried cinnamon bark. Milling for home scale, cinnamon bark can be ground in a blender. If no blender do. Installation of ceiling can be installed without any cut sheet or can be divided into four parts to make it easier to setup and installation. Order ceiling rafters can use 4/6 or 5/7 the size of the wooden frame of 60 cm x 60 cm.

Plasterboard or Asbestos

In a market the size of the ceiling plasterboard or asbestos were 1.00 m x m and 0:50 1:00 1:00 m x m. The assembly was equal to the ceiling Apart from the milling or pulverization, cinnamon powder can be obtained from the results of sawmill dust cinnamon bark. plywood. You can use 4/6 or 5/7 rafters with wood frame size of 60 cm x 60 cm truss ceiling.

Fibre (Fiber)

This time limit has been widely used fiber. In the application to use a home ceiling board GRC (Glassfiber Reinforced Cement) Board. The price is relatively cheap compared to plywood. GRC Board has the size of 60 cm x 120 cm with a standard thickness of 4 mm. Order ceiling rafters can use 4/6 or 5/7 or hollow steel 40 mm x 40 mm. The results of the process of making powder / cinnamon powder is then filtered to obtain a soft powder. Cinnamon powder can be stored in jars.

Gypsum Board

Gypsum ceiling is one type of ceiling that has been widely used to cover the ceiling. The size of gypsum ceiling is 122 cm x 244 cm. GRC Board to order as you can use the rafters or hollow steel 4/4 and 4/2.

acoustics Board

Acoustic ceiling is a solution for those who are planning a room that can drown out the noise. Because the acoustic ceiling is a ceiling that is resistant to certain noise threshold. The available sizes are 60 cm x 60 cm and 60 cm x 120 cm. Acoustic ceiling can be fitted with wooden or metal material manufacturer that is so.